2024 Nonprofit Participation Application

It’s early 2024, but we’re already preparing for the return of the Light the World Giving Machines to Arizona this coming Christmas season.
Organizations interested in participating in the 2024 Giving Machines may apply here. We welcome applications from charitable organizations that meet the criteria listed below under the Nonprofit Participation Checklist. 

Applications must be submitted by April 12, 2024.

Giving Machine Background

Light the World Giving Machines are a popular and visible part of the annual Light the World Christmas initiative sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since 2016, Light the World has invited people everywhere to extend love and compassion toward others during the Christmas season. These customized vending machines provide a unique, memorable, and fun way for the public to care for and serve those in need.

What is a Giving Machine?

Light the World Giving Machines are in high-traffic areas of select cities worldwide. Every machine includes cards representing goods and services that participating nonprofit organizations need. Donors review the cards and select those they wish to purchase. After payment is complete, the cards drop into a sealed collection bin. At the conclusion, participating organizations receive an itemized summary and a check for 100% of the donated funds. Items featured in Giving Machines can include food, meals, clean and sustainable water, shelter, clothing, blankets and beds, educational assistance, healthcare services, immunizations, hygiene kits, job training and even livestock. This variety of items and price points assures anyone of any age can give.



Giving Machine Results

Since the first Giving Machine appeared in 2017, total contributions have reached USD $32 million. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints covers all operating costs, ensuring that 100% of every donation goes to the designated participating nonprofit.

Nonprofit Participation Checklist

Organizations interested in participating in the Arizona Giving Machines must meet the following criteria:

  1. The Organization’s programs and projects are aligned with these fundamental principles:
    1. Provides care to the most vulnerable regardless of race, religion, or nationality.
    2. Provides short and long-term solutions.
    3. Are defensible by established humanitarian standards.
  2. The Organization is registered as a nonprofit in local municipalities and countries. (Nonprofit organizations in the United States require 501(c)(3) designation.)
  3. A minimum five-year track record as a successful provider of humanitarian services.
  4. Provides a variety of goods and services with broad public appeal.
  5. Organizations with international programs must operate in at least five countries.
  6. All Giving Machine donations must be used to meet donor intent. (Substitutions require prior approval.) Funds collected and distributed through this initiative may not be used for any purpose that could compromise the public’s trust in the initiative.
  7. Giving Machine-related administrative fees must not exceed 10% of the funds that the Organization received from the Giving Machine initiative.
  8. The Organization permits electronic transfer of funds (e-deposit).
  9. Within one year of receiving funds, the Organization will provide a thorough accountability report to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints detailing how the funds were used and their impact.
  10. Actively promotes the initiative through the Organization’s established channels.
  11. Maintains an overall Charity Navigator score of 80%.
  12. The Organization’s overall administrative expenses are less than 20%.

Your application must be received by April 12, 2024 

No out-of-pocket costs associated with preparing or submitting an application will be reimbursed.